Infotrack Systems: Empowering The Human Capital With New-Age Technology

CIO Vendor It’s no secret that retaining top talent is key to promoting organizational growth. This turned out to be true for a leading fertilizer manufacturing company. Every year, a high percentage of employees were leaving the company and needed to be replaced with the talent pool available in the job market. The management felt that this level of attrition is impacting the performance of the company. This resulted in projects getting delayed, impacting the timelines, resulting in a reputation and revenue loss among consumers and partners. Recruitment costs were high. More often than not, the new employees had to be trained for the job and/or given time to acclimatise themselves to the company. This led to high training costs and higher learning curves impacted the productivity and revenue. This company was in a dire need of a solution to help in talent retention and enhance employee productivity.

The Analytics solution provided by Infotrack facilitated a wide range of analytics. Infotrack identified opportunities to leverage the existing data and analytics to enhance the ability to respond to the individual needs of the employees and organization.

The strategies included applying Employee Attrition and Loyalty Analysis to improve retention. With accurate attrition analytics and forecasting based on the data from an integrated Infotrack HCM solution, Infotrack was able to predict the potential attrition risk of employees and the reasons. This information was provided anonymously to managers so they could reduce turnover risk factors and retain their people better. In addition, special training was provided to the managers to retain the high performing employees/high potential employees identified by the system. This helped to reduce attrition considerably by 20 percent.

Moreover, this approach made way for unique career growth and career plan, an improved reward strategy and enhanced levels of engagement. This initiative resulted in improved communication between employees and managers based on the analytics provided by the Infotrack Analytics Suite. This led to a 15 percent increase in engagement leading to a 12 percent increase in employee productivity.

Infotrack Systems - A Legacy Of Organizational Transformations
Established in 1994 by a team of professionals with a wide range of experience in the IT Industry, Infotrack Systems has spent 27 years perfecting the HCM solutions, which is reflected in its products, processes, and best practices. Led by Dr. Bhushan and his innovative vision, Infotrack Systems has been able to help transform businesses for the greater good. Infotrack’s secure state-of-the-art products have gained a reputation for cost-effectiveness, reliability, robustness, and ease of implementation. These are the very foundations on which Infotrack’s completely integrated, user-friendly solutions are engineered.

Uniting Technology And Experience
Towards the end of the ‘90s, globalization and the era of Information and technology have posed multiple challenges & complexities for businesses to operate in a globally competitive market. Human capital has gained not only competence with globalization but also opportunities to leverage potential to perform to the next level with the rapid expansion of offshore businesses in India. This need of the business opened a new market of professionalized consulting in Human Capital Management (HCM) to focus the area of Talent Management, Organizational Development, Employee engagement, Organizational Effectiveness Learning & development for such professionals who were coming from unionized & legislative environments. Add the power of new-age technology to the HCM, and you have yourself a stream of endless possibilities to grow.

Infotrack’s HCM platform has a multi-tier architecture and imparts a high degree of extensibility and scalability to the product making it easy to customize. Infotrack’s HR solution is the only comprehensive HR solution that is compatible with the open-source database PostgreSQL (open-source database) which massively reduces database costs and has options of Oracle.

Infotrack has empowered over 5 million plus users across the country with 30 plus HCM Modules. Infotrack works in a partnership mode with large groups wherein most of its clients have been with the firm for more than 20 years, including GNFC, ITC, SIDBI, Vesuvius, Aurobindo Group, etc. The customer-specific environment, processes, confidentiality, and security norms coupled with long-term, high-quality, cost-effective, and comprehensive support have proven to be the building blocks of their long-standing success.

Endless Features, Infinite Possibilities
Infotrack provides a robust neural network-based predictive analytics engine for effective decision support. This solution helps businesses by transforming data into Intelligence, making analytics simple and accessible. Advanced capabilities enable to uncover powerful analyses across an organization’s workforce and business data. Powerful dashboards and various visualizations fetch deeper insights and help businesses make data-driven decisions.

A neural network-based analytics engine with in-built machine learning algorithms transforms data from any source into a single pipeline for analysis, and Real-Time Personalization and a 360-degree view of the customer; are some of the quintessential features of Infotrack’s analytics platform.

At the same time, the People Analytics dashboards give deeper insights and help understand attrition, hiring metrics, employee cost, and employee engagement by geography, business unit, and manager. With this solution, users can identify the leading indicators of organizational effectiveness, thereby enabling them to hire and retain high-quality, high-performing talent and use.
The platform is an intuitive solution with employee recruitment, retention, performance, career management, training, and compensation analytics. It helps transform data into intelligence for an insightful, reliable view of the workforce. Besides, visually interactive analysis, reports, and dashboards add to the seamlessness of the platform.

The platform enables managers to get a comprehensive view of all the data from all the systems and arm the user with better actionable insights to make decisions that lead to productive business results today and beyond. With Analytics, the user can unfold the answers from all the systems and see all the information right on the home screen.

The platform offers a plethora of exceptional features including the unification of all data to explore the insights on a single screen, instant creation of configurable dashboards with simple drag and drop functionality, the ability to define your metrics to analyze business analytics, and the decision-making process. It also allows analyzing relationships between multiple dimensions easily by adding multiple measures and creating custom dashboards with custom charts.

The user can analyze on-demand with analytics and measure the business impacts in terms of talent management, workforce planning, and more. Overall, the platform lets the user understand the hidden details and trends that allow implementable insights for business growth.

While most of the hr products offer conventional chatbots, Infotrack’s digital virtual assistant goes way beyond, performing complex tasks, navigating the entire system, saving precious time and resources

Infotrack has executed and implemented several mission critical complex projects for the Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India, in the Analytics space. These projects entailed handling high-volume, real-time data with a high degree of parallelization and optimization via multiprocessing and multi-threading. These involved complex data mining and the creation of data warehouses based on the attributes of the signals/data received for complex multi-dimensional analysis and decision support. The projects necessitated online real-time very rapid processing & analysis and aggregation of massive amounts of data facilitating data-driven decisions. There were multiple custom data visualization tools and utilities developed for empowering the decision support process. Infotrack’s exceptional participation & contribution was appreciated with a Gold Medal, awarded by the Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.

“Our action-orientated approach creates a bridge from strategy to execution and helps our valuable clients focus on what matters most to the business and eliminate complexity. Infotrack’s solutions are based on an Open Architecture and can easily interface with existing systems thereby providing seamless integration. Infotrack can interface with leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle Apps, etc.”, says Dr. Bhushan Sahni.

The Journey So Far And The Road Ahead
Infotrack Systems has been in the market for over 27 years and has catered to a plethora of organizations from diverse verticals over the period. Ranging from medium sized businesses to Fortune India 100 enterprises which include some of the leading companies, banks, and government agencies such as the World’s largest two wheeler manufacturer(Hero MotoCorp), India’s largest private sector bank (HDFC Bank), India’s second-largest pharma company (Aurobindo Pharma Group, 10+ companies), India’s progressive fertilizer giant (Gujarat Narmada Fertilizers Group), Prestigious Murugappa Group company (Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd), India’s largest retail giant Future Group (30+ companies), DCB Bank Ltd, RAMKY Group, SIDBI, ITC, ACC Cements, Vesuvius etc.

Infotrack aims to become a game-changer in the field of HCM with its intuitive, conversational virtual assistant powered by AI that uses NLP, NLU, deep learning, and self-learning neural networks. While most of the HR products offer conventional Chatbots, Infotrack’s Digital Virtual Assistant goes way beyond, performing complex tasks, navigating the entire system, saving precious time and resources. Given its availability on mobile as well as the web, one can directly converse with it on the go. It is loaded with feature-rich functionality and an intuitive UX based on chat and voice recognition, all in a conversational tone that feels natural. Artificial intelligence and machine learning gather data anonymously and refine it into actionable intent, enabling a personalized, predictive, and effortless customer experience.

For the near future, Infotrack team is engaged in working on innovative cutting-edge technologies including Workforce Productivity tools, Employee Well- Being & Work Management, Intelligent Communications, Intelligent Employee Experience Tools, Intelligent Self- Service, and Sentiment Analytics.

Dr. Bhushan Sahni, Chairman & Managing Director
About the Leadership and Driving Force Dr. Bhushan Sahni is an eminent and vastly experienced professional from the Information Technology Industry. He holds a Doctorate in Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence and has been recognized as one of the ‘Most Influential Scientist of 2016 in the area of AI-based Predictive Analytics’ at Cambridge UK. Dr. Sahni is ably assisted by Sameksha Sahni who is a gold-medallist and all India topper in Cyber laws from NALSAR University and also a certified Business Analyst from Wharton.

A strong team of experienced professionals, Infotrack’s team comprises functional specialists in HCM, Finance, Payroll, Tax, Telecommunications, Command and Control Systems, Network Management, Simulation, etc. Software specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics, BI/Business Analytics, Object- Oriented Technology, Databases, Document Specialists specializing in Rational Rose and UML, Information Security specialists, etc.