Highbrow Diligence Services: End-to-end Data Analytics and Tech Solutions for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

CIO Vendor few years back, commercial real estate was a closed market with zero transparency on the data. But from 2016 to 2020, a paradigm shift happened in the understanding of data and its importance among the players in the real estate industry. The commercial real estate players like developers, investors, especially with FDI’s coming into India for investments or Asset Management, has increased the awareness of the importance of data among the players. Now the scenario is reversed where the players have started demanding more information and analytics from the service providers. On the other hand, India has become the hub of analytical brains. Every year more and more companies are established in India in the data analytics and technology domain. Highbrow Diligence Services is one such efficient data analytics and technology company that caters ground breaking tech solutions to the Indian commercial real estate industry.

Clients across the industry are looking for a service provider whose data offered can have the capability to enable rather expedite the client's decision-making process. This means clients rely on service providers who have a clear understanding of the client's business module. Highbrow Diligence Services is a reliable data analytics and technology company that has a clear understanding of its client's business perspective. Due to this, the company is capable of offering the best business intelligence tools to its clients. HDS has been in existence for 5+ years with the team members carrying 20+ years of experience in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Therefore the team working behind understands very well what data and what information is needed to make an equity investor or a developer attracted towards the BI dashboard. Similarly, Highbrow Diligence Services have also started to cater to MSMEs in India via its HRMS application. The team has gained a lot of experience within just 5 years. The team's potential and maturity level is quite high. The company has catered to both the US and the UK clients.
Coming to its services, it supports financial analysis for the end-to-end, complete life cycle of an asset. Asset means commercial real-estate property or a group of properties. Lifecycle has multiple phases, starting from land, construction, financing, tenancy, stabilization and redevelopment. Many different players are involved in each of these phases, like sellers/buyers, lenders, brokers, appraisers, asset managers, property management companies etc. Every role played by these players involve some financial transaction and analysis. This is where Highbrow Diligence Services comes into play. It performs such analysis and provides a few key reports that are used by the decisionmakers to enable a quality transaction.

‘We understand our customers very well. Most of our clients are happy using our services because they save a lot of time by not requiring to explain the business logic to us’, says Hari Madhavan, Co-founder and Head of Business Solutions, Highbrow Diligence Services.

Highbrow Diligence Services has become a one-stop solution providing a combination of expertise in the commercial real estate domain and also product development

Highbrow Diligence Services has become a one-stop solution providing a combination of expertise in the commercial real estate domain and also product development (technology). It offers a suite of products that it has developed in-house involving technologies in AI and ML. Starting with just 3 team members, today HDS is now a team of 40 members with 6 SaaS products to its account. The Chennai based company is looking forward to expanding in terms of partnership and is also exploring avenues overseas.

‘Despite having tough times during the pandemic, we thrive because of the wishes from our families, friends and the never give-up attitude of our team members,’ concludes Saju Sasindran, Co-founder and Head of Operations, Highbrow Diligence Services.