Board: An All-in-One Platform to Enhance Business Operations of Siloed Teams

CIO Vendor The global data analytics market is expected to reach USD 132.90 Billion by 2026. Some of the key factors driving the global data analytics market include the widespread adoption of advanced technologies for business operations and the rising demand for data analytics for faster decision-making processes and cost reduction. The implementation of data analytics techniques improves the efficiency and productivity of business operations and strengthens the organizational workforce. Modern organizations face the task of planning complex, global, multi-level business processes which support the business strategy and meet finance's expectations. They are continuously under pressure to balance supply with demand, optimize inventories, push new products to market, and support their growth with adequate human resources. This is where companies like Board can help the organizations. Board is India’s no 1 decision-making software platform that enables planning processes to be integrated across every team and department.

The main vision of Board is to create transparency by unifying all business data. Board brings everyone on to the same page and ensures that every plan considers all available resources, skills, and production capabilities. It helps organizations easily and summarizes their business performance with stunning data visualizations, delivering a personal and immediate understanding of what is going on. With the help of the platform, clients can combine data from any source to effectively display and monitor the status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) across the enterprise. Next, it offers unmatched capabilities in turning organizational data into the right information for any decision-maker. A wide selection of gauges, data views, maps, charts, widgets, tables, and other data-
aware objects are associated with strong out-of-the-box analytical capabilities such as segmentation, forecasting, time, and business functions, all providing the capability to represent data with ground breaking clarity.

Any element displayed within a Board dashboard is interactive, fully synchronized with all other components on the screen and automatically connected with the underlying data. Therefore, users can drill – anywhere directly from KPI gauges, widgets, and graphs to turn the most complex analysis into an effortless task. Board also helps the users to track performance against their plans. Through its physical and logical in-memory multidimensional data model, Board offers a single metadata gateway that makes it possible to use the data resident on any database as if it was native to Board.

“The Board platform was conceived with the vision to offer full self-service capabilities to business users that they need to deploy and support large scale planning projects,” says Atul Aima, Regional Vice President of Sales, Board.

Board is an all-in-one solution that enables finance teams to undertake all their analysis, reporting, simulation, and planning activities, helping to drive finance transformation and future proof their processes. Rather than prescribing how things should be done, Board's drag-and-drop environment lets users build custom applications to meet their individual needs. Some of the key features offered by Board includes HBMP (Hybrid Bitwise Memory Pattern) technology, granular security, server clustering, multi-language support, HTML5 web technology and pre-built dedicated data connectors.

Moving on, the company aspires to help customers with easy-to-use custom applications from strategic planning through finance to sales, HR and Operations with unique planning, budgeting, forecasting and scenario analysis. Secondly, the firm wishes to allow the customers to leverage Board's knowledge and expertise in areas where it has excelled including the office of the CFO with solutions such as Financial Consolidation, Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A) and Regulatory Reporting, Retail Planning with end-to-end Merchandise Planning and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) for Logistics and Supply Chain Planning.