AIT Global India: Creating an Efficient Data Analytics Ecosystem for Organizations across the Country

CIO Vendor The Indian data analytics market has seen exponential growth over the years. India is a growing analytics hub. This growth will continue in the coming years and play a key role in the decision making of every sector in the industry. The big data analytics market is witnessing an incremental increase in annual revenue worldwide. The global big data and business analytics market size was valued at USD 193.14 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach the USD 420.98 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 10.9% from 2020 to 2027. In today’s market internet services are becoming more accessible and easily affordable in both urban and rural areas. Also, digitization of transactions is another factor that has driven the growth of corporate data. AIT Global India is one of the leading data analytics firms in the country that offers a variety of data analytics expertise and partners with its clients which enables them to collect, organize and activate data.

"At AIT Global India, we comprise experts across the data analytics landscape. Its balanced bandwidth helps its customers with data analytics, regulatory analytics, compliance analytics, customer analytics and marketing analytics," says Pinky Mishra, President & CEO. Currently, the team of AIT is engaged with a variety of clients across the country to create a ground-breaking data analytics ecosystem. The company provides Technology Services in the form of artificial intelligence, machine learning, NLP, Big Data, Hadoop, MapReduce, Elasticsearch, as well as various ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools. What makes the team efficient is they constantly work to gather insight from huge chunks of data
that were of no use previously. The best part about the company is it has a super versatile and comprehensive approach. The team works with multiple languages such as Python, Logstash, MapReduce, Big Data, and many others. The team also has a specialization in elastic search data analytics that helps realize expected goals and discover unexpected ones. AIT provides Data Analytics Consulting solutions that are developer-friendly, offer real-time analytics, and streamline indexing of data.

"AIT as an organization is always looking to increase its data analytics capabilities beyond enhanced reporting," affirms Pinky Mishra.

In this highly competitive market what makes AIT Global India different from others data analytics firms is its unique delivery model to cater to the data analytics industry better, starting from requirements gathering to the project signoff. AIT helps its clients with data mining and predictive, prescriptive analytics solutions which represent different ways to extract information. Both processes play a critical role in helping organizations to make sense of their ever-expanding datasets and create measurable value. Further, the company also organizes in-house events and competitions to encourage associates to participate and learn new technologies. This helps the employees to dive into niche technologies and come up with better solutions.

Established in 2003, AIT Global India Ltd currently has completed 200 plus projects, developed 70 plus technologies, and has catered to more than 150 satisfied clients. In the upcoming years, AIT is gearing up to spend more on research and developments, product innovations, portfolio management, demand, and market forecasting, consumer behavior and engagement, and optimization and resource allocation.

"We at AIT Global India, are driven by customer bsessed business priorities, to develop sophisticated as well as innovative technology solutions, to help them set the ‘New Normal’ and bring an organization’s strategic vision of tomorrow – to reality today," she concludes.